Sierra Deodhari Bio

I am a 12 years old American Karate Kata Girl. I started karate since I was 3 years old at a local dojo where I live and started to  compete  when I was 7 years old. I have participated in over 100 regional and international events. I train at my home dojo with 3 times Pan American Gold Medalist, Sensei Heydi Reynoso. One day my dream is to represent the USA Junior Karate Team.

I am a student in the local middle school and I am a 2nd year American National Honor Society Student with a 96% GPA. I love science and one day I will like  to become a Neurologist to help people.

In 2020 a competitor father passed away from Covid19. Someone started a Go Fund Me to help his family and I used my personal allowance  to help. I realized this could have been my dad.

Every year my grandparents and relatives gave me money for my birthday and holidays. I decided not to buy anything for myself for Christmas  and to buy karate equipment for athletes who were directly impacted from the pandemic.

In December 2020 I approached Mr. Hirota, in Japan, and wrote to him about my plans. I was looking for a discount to buy a Karate Gi to give away to 1 single person who was suffering because of this pandemic. Mr. Hirota did not give me a discount, instead he gave me a free custom made gi to giveaway. I posted my Give Away on IG and word quickly spread on what I was doing.

I approached Punok, Arawaza, AWMA and MACS requesting discounts on their products instead they were extremely generous and agreed to partner with me for this event.

Two World Champions , Sensei Sandy Scordo and Sensei Alexandria Recchia donated their personal karate uniforms  to giveaway. USA National Karate Coach Sensei Javier Mantilla offered to conduct free seminar and use the proceeds to purchase equipment to give away. Instead I did it for free.

The response was overwhelming. I received over 875,000 hits to my site for this event. I had over 10,000 real karate athletes with 1500 dojo's and 3 Karate Federation that I started to develop a relation with. My average DM were over 1,000 on some days.

I decided to start the Sierra Karate Platform, dedicated to help youth athletes between the ages of 10-17 years old. To help launch my platform I used the jars upon jars of loose changes that I started collecting since I was 5 years old and did odd jobs for my parents . I am launching my own line of Athletic Tee Shirts, Hoodies and my Backpack to help me pay for the seminars.  Everyday I work with my dad for 1 hour before school on my karate platform.

Sierra Karate provides free seminars and focuses  on the upcoming future youth stars of karate. I still have to pay the World Champions who will conduct my seminars. My social media is 100% organic like me. I believe that the youths are the future of karate and a little bit of kindness goes a long way. I speak up about any type of bullying and I do not believe in underage use of tobacco or alcohol.

The proceeds from the sale of all of products and all donations are used 100% to help defray the cost for the free seminars that I provide. I have to pay the World Champions or Masters a fee to conduct my seminars. There are also monthly subscription fees for the Zoom Professional Platform , advertising costs and my annual platform fees.




My Achievements

  • 2016 USANKF Silver Medalist: This was my first National Event and I was 7 years old. I competed in the Intermediate division and there were about 2,000 to 4,000 competitors of all ages. It was held in Pittsburg, PA.
  • 2019 USANFK Gold Medalist: I was 10 years old and did the advance division. This event was held in Schaumburg Illinois and there were about 5,000 persons attending the biggest karate event in the USA. I spent a total of 5 days for this event.
  • 2019 American Junior Karate League Gold Medal :This championship took place in 5 different States. I went to 4 different States for this event featuring some of the best Junior Athletes in the USA.
  • 2019 NYTKL 10-11 Divison Gold Medalist: This was a series of 6 NYS Regional event. I went to 4 of them and won the Divsion for both Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring).
  • 2020 American Junior Karate league: This was a 4 State USA Event that featured the best Youth Karate Athletes. I took part in all 4 of them and won the Kata ( forms)and Kumite (sparring).